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Wed - Mar 07 -- Sat - Mar 10
ISTEP Part 1
Tue - Mar 13 -- Sat - Mar 17
Tue - Apr 03 -- Sat - Apr 07
Spring Break

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Dress Code

  • Skirt, shorts, skort, jumper shorter than ½ inch above the knee cap.
  • Nail polish
  • Hair over the ear, on the collar or below the eyebrows.
  • No belt
  • Socks: not matching, not blue, white, or black when not wearing pants.
  • Wearing boots during the school day.
  • Earrings – No hoop earrings, no earrings for boys, not more than 2 earrings per ear for girls.

Church Behavior

  • Roman Catholics must: recite prayers, participate in songs, appropriate liturgical participation.
  • Non-Catholics must demonstrate proper reverence.

Academics **

  • Not completing homework on time
  • Cheating – automatic zero
  • Not participating in classroom instruction
  • Repetitively (2 days in a row) missing classroom material.

** This category will start over at the beginning of each quarter.

1st violation Verbal warning
2nd violation Note home: No signature required
3rd violation Phone call home to parent
4th violation Morning detention: 6:45-7:45AM
5th violation In school suspension: 1-2 days
6th violation Out of school suspension: 2-3 days
7th violation Removal from school for the remainder of the academic year