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Code of Conduct for Coaches
  1. I understand that I am responsible for my own behavior and that, as long as I am coaching, I am a representative of Queen of All Saints School both on and off the court/field, and that not conducting myself responsibly could result in my release as a coach.
  2. I understand that I am responsible for the behavior of my players and their parents/ fans. I will address unruly parents/fans accordingly or reach out to the Athletic Director.
  3. I will NEVER physically or mentally abuse my players.
  4. I will try to remember that I am coaching children, not adults when addressing them.
  5. I will lead by example when addressing official, players, and other team’s coaches.
  6. I will not use profanity while coaching.
  7. I will always put the physical and emotional well being of the students ahead of my own.
  8. I will do my best to teach my players good sportsmanship when engaged in athletics.
  9. I will not discuss issues about any player with the rest of the team when said player is not present.
  10. I understand that the 24 hour “Cool Down” rule applies to me as well as the parents. I will not approach, out of anger, any parent or school official within 24 hours of the end of a sporting event.
  11. I understand that even though there is not a rule for each student’s playing time, I will do my best to see that every player gets their share of time on the court/field.
  12. I understand that I, and all assistant coaches, MUST be VIRTUS trained before being allowed to work with the students.
  13. I understand that I, and all assistant coaches, MUST be concussion trained before being allowed to coach a practice or game.
  14. I understand that under NO circumstances can I leave a practice or game without ALL of my players having a ride home. If for some reason I can’t stay with a student as they wait for a ride, I will take said student to Noah’s Ark. (Noah’s Ark Fees will apply) If Noah’s Ark is closed, I understand that I MUST wait for student’s ride.
  15. I understand that the disregard of any of the above rules could result in disciplinary actions from discussion to removal from the team as seen fit by the Queen of All Saints Athletic Department.

Click here to download/print the Code of Conduct for Coaches (PDF).

For additional information, please contact:
Kevin Sparks
Athletic Director

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