Code of Conduct for Players

I. Criteria for Eligibility

Athletes must maintain the academic requirements necessary to participate in the sports program as follows:

  • The athlete must maintain passing marks of at least the grade of “C” in scholarship and an average of 2.5 or above in conduct in every subject.
  • If a student’s scholarship grade falls below a C, the student will receive a letter from the Athletic Director notifying them of the situation and the following steps will be taken:
    1. Student will be placed on a 2 week probation. They will be allowed to continue to participate, but will be expected to improve grades in ALL noted classes by the 14th day.
    2. If ALL grades improve to a minimum of C, the student will be removed from probationary status.
    3. Should a grade remain below a C, but the percentage grade has shown improvement, the student will be granted an additional 2 weeks of probation.
    4. Should the student’s grade remain the same or lower, the student will be removed from their team for a minimum of 2 weeks (14 days), at which time the student’s progress will be checked again by the Athletic Director and Principal and further eligibility will be determined.
  • A student must not only keep their academics up, but they must also display proper behavior in the classroom and in every function dealing with Q.A.S. A student should be respectful to others including students and staff. They should listen in class and not have to be repeatedly corrected!


II. Conduct

  • Students are responsible to follow the rules of Q.A.S.  This includes academics, behavior, and dress code.
  • Students are not to represent themselves in any way that can bring embarrassment to Q.A.S. at any time.  This includes games, practices, or any time that they can be identified as a Q.A.S. student.
  • Students are to be respectful of all adults in attendance at practices and games.  This includes coaches, parents, refs, administrators, etc.
  • Students are not to argue calls with the officials or playing time with the coaches.
  • Students are prohibited from commenting in any way that may be deemed derogatory about another school, teammate, or another team’s member via text message, Facebook, or any other form of social media.
  • Be a team player, don’t bully or place blame on teammates or coaches.
  • Always display good sportsmanship both on and off the court.   Be supportive of the whole team.
  • Any infraction of the rules may result in suspension or removal from the team.


III. Attendance

  • Regular attendance and on time arrivals are expected in order to have a well-prepared and well-organized team.
  • Excused absences will include:
  • Illness to a player or immediate family member that impacts the player’s transportation.
  • Death in the family
  • Another school function.
  • Homework is not an excuse to miss practice.
  • Coaches may excuse other absences at their discretion.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to notify their coach if they are going to miss practice.  Another player telling a coach of an absence is not proper notification.
  • If a student does not have an excused absence according to the guidelines these will be the consequences:
  • 1st time- Verbal Warning
  • 2nd time- Student will sit for half a game.
  • 3rd time- Student will sit for a whole game.
  • 4th time- Removal from the team
  • An athlete must be completely ready for a practice or game on time including being dressed, having their hair up if needed, and all jewelry removed.

Your signature below indicates your willingness to comply with the Code of Conduct for an Athlete.  Failure to comply with these standards will result in your ineligibility to play a sport.

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For additional information, please contact:

Kevin Sparks
Athletic Director
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